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I specialize in designing, building, shipping, and scaling beautiful, usable products ​​with lightning-fast efficiency ☄️

Alan Christian

About Me🤳🏾

🌟Hello! I’m a self-taught that loves the junction of engineering and design. I build experiences with exact attention to detail that comes through clean code and solid architecture🌟

I am motivated to build things

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” – Henry Ford

Own systems for authentic companies

I develop complete systems for the company.
From conception to implementation according to your needs and limitations

Experience 🔥

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17 december 2018🧉

🚀Starting Point🏆

In December 2018, I decided it was time for a change, so I started waking up at 6 am to study javascript before getting into work. I quickly started to love Javascript, and in January 2019, I decided to take the risk and quit my job. Since then, I study the development of the Front-End

1 january 2019🍹

✏️ Studying & Researching🔍

As we know that the best way to learn is to practice, I also did several personal projects with the knowledge I collected in the courses. You can see them on my GitHub.

13 april 2020🍸

🎯Side Projects💎

I always want to learn more, do more and be more. I also firmly believe that we should never settle.
I'm working hard, super curious, passionate, committed and also learning fast
And creating beautiful apps and attractive designs to speed up my learning 🥂


Blog 🌱

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⚡I write about things I learned on my blog, check out some of my posts that I've been learning and sharing ⚡

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💎Upgrade U 💎 


Personal & Professional

In five years, I would like to gain an excellent knowledge of the programming sector, to know where I can make an impact and to be in a position to continue my studies to benefit my company and myself. I will know that I have gained sufficient knowledge of the industry when I create a channel on YT that meets these needs, sharing.

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